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Hobby Clubs & Team Games

Hobby clubs encourages students to engage in activities out their own interest and aptitude. The various hobby club activities kindle creativity, improve concentration, and foster self-esteem and enables students to derive immense satisfaction resulting in an overall positive impact. They act as stress busters and provide a refreshing change for the young minds.

Hobby Clubs are operational from Class I and above. Students have to opt for any one category from the list of hobby club activities offered for the complete academic session. An optimum subscription is required for the Hobby Clubs to be operated. Requests for change in Hobby Club during the session will not be entertained.

Science Club

"Great scientific discoveries have been made by men seeking to verify quite erroneous theories about the nature of things."

Science involves a pursuit of knowledge causing general truths as the operations of fundamental laws. Think about a world without technology. No computers, no cars, no vaccines or cures for diseases. Life would be joyless and extremely hard. Science permeates our lives and informs our actions.

Through Science Club, it is possible to develop positive attitude in students towards learning Science. Science Club at DPS, Secunderabad aims

  • To build a scientific temperment, increase thinking and the spirit of enquiry and generating a love for science among the students.
  • To popularize science in an age of science and technology and help to bring it's advancements to the door steps of the students through hands on activities.
  • To bridge the gap between formal education and a more comprehensive knowledge of science, endeavouring to make the study of science more interesting.

Students in the science club do different hands on activities to completely understand the concepts learnt. They enjoy performing these activities either individually or in groups. Some of the activities that are undertaken in this club pertaining to different grades are:

  • Grade III & IV - Model making - Digestive System, Composition of Air, observation of specimens like - life cycle of frog, tapeworm etc. activities such as filtration, decantation, solubility tests.
  • Grade V to VIII - Model making like pinhole cameras, electrical circuits etc., activities such as properties of air, pressure, pressure, observation of specimens, poster-making, finding acids and bases using indicators, laws of reflection etc.

Heritage Club

"Integrity is the mother of all human values."

Since childhood is the most appropriate time for inculcating values in life to live ethically, Integrity Club is designed as a community group for cultivating human values in the school students. The popular phrase 'Catch them Young' helps in identifying the students as future assets of the country and rekindle the values in them.With Integrity Club setups in all schools, the students will learn distinct values through various activities and games involuntarily amd become champions of ethics by developing their ethical muscles through regular practice in real life.

Values: Values means 'the being' i.e. what you are or what you stand for.

Ethics: Ethics means 'the doing' i.e. what you do as against the values you stand for.

Integrity: Integrity as a value means being a person who does what he/she says and says what he/she does.

Patriotism: Patriotism as a value means being a person who keeps country's interest before his/her own i.e. country first.

Tolerance : Tolerance as a value means being a person who accepts opinions and behaviour of others even if he/she is not agreeing.

Secularism: Secularism as a value means being a person who repsects all religions, faiths, beliefs as diverse ways to attain the ultimate goal in human life.

Simplicity: Simplicity as a value means being a person who lives a life limiting his needs to minimum and gives maximum to the society.

Honesty: Honesty as a value means being a person who is truthful in all his/her activities/commitments and does not steal from others.

Love: Love as a value means being a person who give or accepts other persons/circumstances unconditionally; in other words, person who creates and sustains human relationswith dignity and strength.

Compassion: Compassion as a value means being a person who feels and understands the joys and pains of others, as if it is his/hers and take actions accordingly.

Responsibility:Responsibility as a value means being a person who delivers his/her commitments, faithfully.

Respect: Respect as a value means being a person who is grateful and shows regards to others.

Non-violence: Non-violence as a value means being a person who does not use or reacts by using brute forceto put forth his/her point of views.

Unity :Unity as a value means being a person who gets the result by synergising his efforts with those of friends, partner or family members.

Session Activity for 'Integrity Club'

  • Meeting of Principal with IC managers to form/add fresh members for Integrity Club in the school and plan activities for the year as have been suggested in IC Manual.
  • Enrollment of Young Champions of Ethics (YCEs), by conveying vision, mission, strategy, motto, objectives and brief on activities of IC by Principal/IC managers.
  • Registration of YCEs, formation of groups, identification of group leaders and captains, ditribution of identity badges and colours.
  • Discussion of Integirity Club values, and allotment of values for intensive work/exercise to different groups.
  • Narration of stories, poems and anecdotes related to all twelve Integirty Club by YCEs and IC managers.
  • Discussion about prominent personalities representing the specific values.
  • Quiz competition to assess understanding the values by YCEs.
  • Group to start work on collection of stories, poems, anecdotes, quotes, collage etc., on the value allotted to them. IC manger to give few examples to lead this work.
  • Sharing of stories, poems, anecdotes, quotes, slogans, collage etc. related to various values of IC. Instructions to YCEs by IC managers to come with specific items from nature/surrounding symbolizing the specific values for sharing in next session.
  • Group discussion for sharing the message from symbols/collage brought by YCEs with a reasoning as to why they represent specific value. YCEs to show creativity in conceiving value though music, song, skit, drama, one act play, painting etc.
  • Discussions/Interactive sessions on the creative inputs regarding the values presented by individual YCE.

These activities would help in developing young children into sensitive, responsible and progressive citizens of the society.

Social & Community Service Club

“Selfless service is the rent we pay for living on this wonderful planet.”

A healthy mind in a healthy body is what everybody cherishes. Sometimes the hand of fate strikes a blow….leaving people reeling under its impact! Sometimes misfortune meets people in the form of disabilities but the silver lining is that such people brave the odds and triumph refusing to be cowed down!

Some are challenged intellectually and whom can we serve better than these individuals upon whom fortune has not smiled enough? And is a common experience that there are so many challenged people who have overcome their vexing disabilities and still remain achievers and contribute to the society – A laudable class of special people indeed!

Delhi Public School, Secunderabad has taken an initiative to do those scintillating stars a service and they found it the most joyful and satisfying experience indeed!

We also took part in activities like-

  • Joy of giving week
  • Donating books and clothes for children born of AIDS patients
  • Organized a signature campaign – where in students met people in their locality and requested them to pledge that they will not use words like 'mental' or retard' for the mentally retarded people.

Literary Club

"School is about practicing to wrap one's mind around real and complex ideas, those of fundamental consequence for oneself and for the culture."

The Literary Club is for VI to VIII Graders who will meet during school hours, once a week to discuss previously assigned tasks and learn new literary ones. Literary Club offers students the opportunity to read and discuss stories in small groups led by trained teachers. An outgrowth of our constructivist approach to learning, students learn to approach literature in the spirit of inquiry, to discover how productive the creative and critical thinking of a group can be. They tussle with a piece of literature. They learn to think about an author's purpose, to develop questions which can be approached from multiple perspectives, and to value the richness of the group's thinking.


Broaden our intellectual horizons by promoting thoughtful reading, writing, discussion, and brainstorming in our students.


  • Gain Knowledge
  • Unbiased learning and thinking
  • Participation in knowledge-based activities
  • Enhance Skills

Club Activities:

  • Establish Club Library
  • Monthly book discussions
  • Story writing
  • Debates
  • Speeches
  • Drama
  • Creative Writing
  • Platform Speaking, Interpretive Speaking, and Limited Preparation Speaking

Fun Activities

Book Reading & Else

  • Who's that character?
  • Which book is this from?
  • Dress up like your favourite literary character
  • Literary magazine


  • How to write a Book / Stories

Battle of Books:

  • Students will read selected pieces of classic literature with the intent to participate in “Battle of the Books” a reading incentive programme where students read books and come together to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge in a competition.

Official Book Swap

  • Swap a Book they have already read for a book they have not in The Club Library.

Book Box

  • Fill out a slip with the name a book they have read and a short synopsis of it and recommend it for others to read.

G.K. Club

“Knowledge is power and information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society and in every family.”

Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.

General Knowledge plays an important role in a child’s life along with academics. It is about going beyond subjects and become more aware of the world around us.

General Knowledge Club at DPS, Secunderabad, aims to encourage the young minds to delve into the fathomless world of information to dig out a few seeds of knowledge. This club intends:

  • To broaden the scope of the student’s knowledge by giving extra information that extends beyond the school curriculum.
  • To sharpen and feed the curiosity of the young minds.
  • To participate in Inter-School Quiz competitions.
  • To prepare the Dipsites to face the competitive and information-oriented world with confidence.
  • The general knowledge club will serve the Dipsites by providing relevant and authentic information on a variety of subjects such as current affairs, scientific development, general knowledge, sports as well as national values.

The subject matter that will be dealt with in this club pertaining to different grades are:

  • Grade I & II – World Around us, Our Motherland – India, Plants and Animals, Languages and Literature, Sports and Current affairs. Quiz on various topics
  • Grade III, IV & V - World Around us, Incredible India, Languages and Literature, Science and Technology, Sports, History, Nature and Wildlife. Quiz on various topics
  • Grade VI & VII - World Around us, Incredible India, Languages and Literature, Science and Technology, Sports, History, Nature and Wildlife, Culture of India, Life Skills. Quiz on various topics.

Quiz time in the Assembly

In addition to the Quiz Club, Quiz Time is held in the assembly for classes I - VI. Questions are posed to the Dipsites. The students who answer correctly are rewarded with a badge by the Principal.

The Dipsites look forward to the Quiz Time during the assembly.