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Mission & Vision

Mission -Statement

We, at DPS Secunderabad focus on development of a student as human being and as a responsible citizen of the world together with the development of the requisite knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and growth mindset /grit.

We set expectations of excellence in which all teachers, staff and students consistently strive to put forth their best effort/ to work to their optimum. We aim to cultivate a sense of wellbeing and belonging so that everyone feels valued within the school community.

We wish to engage students in a culturally rich and challenging curricullum by integrating art in to the curriculum, By Exposing students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related concepts, by utilizing the best educational practices, community resources and exchange programs.

We wish to develop critical thinking skills by learning to use different kinds of reasoning, deductive and inductive to understand a problem/situation. students should be able to gather information, analyse and interpret data/graphs, ask relevant questions to clarify ponts of view.

We aim to engage in inter disciplinary education/ use project based approach different subjects in a holistic manner and connect their learning to the real world.

We lay emphasis on building proficiency not just in oral and return communication in many languages, but to be able to articulate their thoughts, engage in meaningful dialogue/ debate or motivate others through powerful speech.

We encourage the use of techonology in classrooms and motivate our students to use technology to communicate colloborate and create. they should be able to use digital media for self-expression such as blogging, texting or creating a visual product/ video, while being respectful in their communication online.

We wish to cultivate the qualities of academic perseverance with emphasis on self-descipline, self-control, tenacity and delayed gratification

We believe that positive academic behaviours such being regular to school, submitting assignments on time, class participation, regular reflection will augment their learning and lay a foundation for strong work ethics.

we commit to built eachstudents resilience and self-esteem. Students must know how to take care of themselves and others, manage their emotions, and also learn to reinvent themselves in the face of challenges and changing circumstances.

We wish to nurture leadership by recognizing initiative, self-direction, and by giving autonomy and opportunity to participate in school through office oppointments and collaborative activities with the surrounding community.

We value and appreciate rich and diverse experiences the teachers and students bring to school. We promote a secular outlook, celebrate all festivals to foster respect and open-minded for other cultures.

We recognize that sustainability should be integrated into all aspects of education. We strive to make students aware of the challenges related to society, the environment and development and sensitize them towards sustainable consumption.


Our vision is to prepare all students for succes in a global society where they demonstrate responsible citizenship and a spirit of service while being rooted in values, ethos and cultlure. We will do this by providing a comprehensive, rigorous and innovative learning experiences in a safe, stimulating/experimentative and joyous environment that fosters a culture of excellence and empowerment for everyone.