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Secondary school (IX & X)

Education at the secondary level at DPS Secunderabad is not only a significant period of growth for students but also a phase for preparation for the world which is challenging and complex and filled with exciting possibilities. Students are encouraged to become independent learners focusing on their course of study and the personal goals they wish to achieve. The school follows CBSE Curriculum that is connected to students’ interests, experiences, talents and the real world. The main subjects that they study include first and second languages, General Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Art, and Computer Education. English continues to be the First language and the Third language is studied only until Class VIII, and students of Classes IX and X study only the Second Language.

Language Options:

  • I Language – Compulsory English
  • II Language – Hindi/Telugu / Sanskrit / French
  • III language – Hindi/ Telugu/ Sanskrit/ French (only till Class VIII)

Throughout the secondary school, the instruction and practice go hand in hand. The teachers use flexible methods to teach and inspire students to become more resourceful so that they continue to learn outside the syllabus.

All scholastic and co-scholastic activities are carefully planned to ensure that students achieve proficiency not only in academics but also possess the necessary skill sets to become responsible, and contributing members of the society. The school recognizes the critical need for developing 21st century skills.

  • Proficiency in written and oral communication.
  • Proficiency in arithmetical computation.
  • Development of scientific temperament.
  • Curiosity and imagination- fundamental to life long learning.
  • Creative expression through language/art / dance or other medium.
  • Accessing and analyzing information.
  • Leadership and civic education – to develop qualities necessary for effective democratic citizenship.
  • Development of ethical character, initiative and entrepreneurial qualities.
  • Worthy use of leisure- for enrichment and enhancement of personality.
  • Vocational guidance – to build awareness about the world of work and last but not the least.
  • Community service - Enhancement of the special school spirit ‘Service before Self’.